Thursday, November 21, 2013

Episode 4: For the Love of Knitting

Falling in Love
While pregnant, Clare knit a pair of tiny shoes as her first baby project. She started to practice new techniques using The Knitter’s Handbook  and fell more and more in love as she knitted items for the new baby. She was most proud of her Norwegian Baby Bonnet. Molly also made a similar bonnet while she was expecting too!

After getting a bit confused with socks, Molly fell more in love by knitting legwarmers as a gift for her sister.

On the Needles
Molly has nearly finished her socks with Lynai yarn!! Her cardigan is also coming along very nicely! George the Giant Squid is also well on the way to being finished, he just needs his fins (yes, we finally looked it up and they do indeed have fins)! Her little set of Christmas decorations is now complete with the addition of a little sweater ornament... After all that success, she cast on twice and knitted quite a bit for her Tour Hat, with two unwisely chosen yarns!
We are both having fun designing and knitting preemie hats!

Clare is also casting on a Tour Hat AND designer Nicole Clark is giving away two patterns to viewers! She is still looking for the perfect pattern for her Christmas ornaments. Her socks are developing slowly and the cardigan she cast on last week is growing!

Stash Management
Clare has a firey coloured yarn she would love to find a project for.

Other Crafty Projects
Molly is still enjoying her spinning and Clare is making a sampler quilt.

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