Thursday, November 21, 2013

Episode 4: For the Love of Knitting

Falling in Love
While pregnant, Clare knit a pair of tiny shoes as her first baby project. She started to practice new techniques using The Knitter’s Handbook  and fell more and more in love as she knitted items for the new baby. She was most proud of her Norwegian Baby Bonnet. Molly also made a similar bonnet while she was expecting too!

After getting a bit confused with socks, Molly fell more in love by knitting legwarmers as a gift for her sister.

On the Needles
Molly has nearly finished her socks with Lynai yarn!! Her cardigan is also coming along very nicely! George the Giant Squid is also well on the way to being finished, he just needs his fins (yes, we finally looked it up and they do indeed have fins)! Her little set of Christmas decorations is now complete with the addition of a little sweater ornament... After all that success, she cast on twice and knitted quite a bit for her Tour Hat, with two unwisely chosen yarns!
We are both having fun designing and knitting preemie hats!

Clare is also casting on a Tour Hat AND designer Nicole Clark is giving away two patterns to viewers! She is still looking for the perfect pattern for her Christmas ornaments. Her socks are developing slowly and the cardigan she cast on last week is growing!

Stash Management
Clare has a firey coloured yarn she would love to find a project for.

Other Crafty Projects
Molly is still enjoying her spinning and Clare is making a sampler quilt.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Episode 3: Time Management

How we Manage our Knitting Time
Lace is out of the question for us while the toddlers are around! Clare recently ripped back some legwarmers. She now has a simpler lace scarf on the needles, which is reserved for solitary time!  

On the Needles
Clare is steadily working on her baby bonnet, using Rico Baby Classik dk in green twistShe cast on Isabell Kraemer’s Alpengluehen (Alpine Glow) cardigan this week, using ggh solitaire in green, and made a mini sweater decoration. She hopes to finish her son’s socks by next week!
Molly now has sleeves on her cardigan! She’s finished her first sock, with a pretty cable twist down the side! The second one is on the needles and she’s really enjoying knitting with Lynai yarn. She’s having a lot of fun knitting George the Giant Squid, and Jenna Krapur from Retro Lemon Studios Knitting Podcast would like to give away one pattern to one of our viewers! Molly has also made some tiny Christmas decorations!

Yarn Review
We are both knitting cardigans with ggh Solitaire. Molly completed an Owlet sweater for her daughter using the same yarn a while back.

Stash Management
Molly has acquired some gorgeous green Wollmeise Lace Garn! She considered knitting the Make a Wish cardigan by Joji Locatelli, or Georgia by Jane Richmond. with it but has yet to finally decide what she will cast on.

Other Crafty Projects
Clare just gifted a handmade book to her father for his 70th!

She is also working on a crocheted garland of stars for Christmas!

Inspired as always by Knitabulls Podcast, Molly is spinning!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Episode 2: Leftover Skeins

Knitting Gifts
The story of a gifted pair of mittens and a hat  that were not very well received!

On the Needles 
We’re both making socks in different styles and sizes, but from the same basic design.  Molly has put a pretty cable down the side of hers and is in love with the Lynai yarn she recently purchased for her socks.   Clare is a sleeve short of finishing her personal cardigan design for a new baby boy.  Molly’s Woodstove Season cardigan is coming along nicely on ggh Solitaire yarn.  She has also cast on and is two rows short of finishing a pretty flower wash cloth from weekend knitting out of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn.

Book Review
Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson

Stash Management
What can one do with leftover skeins? We both hate to throw away or waste yarn! Inspired by an episode of Never not Knitting, Clare started using her leftover skeins to make hexipuffs. Molly decided to knit the hexipuffs after she saw tiny owl knit's video about hexipuffs.  Molly likes to use hers to wrap parcels, especially when there’s a knitted gift inside! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Episode 1: Introductions

How we Started Knitting
Inspired by Molly's grandmother who has been knitting all of her life, Molly knit (or tried to) her first pair of socks.  She chose a Fortissima Mexico Sock Yarn from Wisconsin Craft Market to knit them and still uses the same pattern today!

Years after enjoying her first knitting experience with her Grandma, Clare’s flatmate taught her to knit one evening in a pub. Over the following days she taught herself to purl and knit her first item from Debbie Stoller’s Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook

On the Needles
Using Rico Baby Classic dk in green twist , Clare has started a ribbed baby bonnet , has nearly finished two self designed cardigans, one in a blue tweed woll mix from her stash, and anther red using Wolle Roedl Sienna Big and is about to rip back some lace legwarmers  in Sandnes Garn Alpakka.

Molly is working on a pair of socks in festive colours using Fortissima Mexico Sock Yarn.  She is making good progress on her Woodstove Season cardigan using ggh Solitaire yarn in the colourway rosa.   Molly has almost finished dressing her daughter’s new fairy which she is excited to gift her on her 2nd birthday!

Book Review
Weekend knitting by Melanie Falik

Stash Management
We talk about our feelings toward acrylic yarns. After knitting Lena Gjerald’s beautiful Little Ivanhoe cardigan with acrylic yarn and being disappointed with the final result Clare has decided her acrylic yarn stash needs busting.